QoG and corruption in local government

A new paper by Salvador Parrado, Victor Lapuente and Carl Dahlström of University of Gothenburgh titled “The abandoned Trustees. Explaining Corruption in Local Government” (QoG Working Paper Series, 2016:12) has recently been published and is available online at the following Expand

Presentation at the workshop ‘Learning From Implementation and Evaluation of the EU Cohesion Policy. Lessons for a Research-Policy Dialogue’

On  13th  June Alba Smeriglio (EPRC) and Paweł Śliwowski (EUROREG) participated in the workshop organised by the Regional Studies Association Research Network on EU Cohesion Policy and hosted by CEVIPOL and the Institut d’études europénnes (Université Libre de Bruxelles). At the event,... Expand

Presentation on Administrative capacity at the Regional Studies Association conference 2016

John Bachtler  and Alba Smeriglio, of EPRC, participated at the RSA annual conference organised at the University of Graz (3-6 April 2016).At the event, professor John Bachtler and PhD Researcher Alba Smeriglio delivered a presentation which focused on the theoretical framework... Expand

EIB Insitute 4th Annual Meeting of the Knowledge Programme

On Tuesday 8 March, professor John Bachtler and PhD Researcher Alba Smeriglio at EPRC participated at the European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute 4th Annual Meetings of the Knowledge Programme.

At the event, Alba Smeriglio delivered a presentation which focused... Expand

Quality of Public Administration – A Toolbox for Practitioners

“The quality of its institutions, both governmental and judicial, is a key determining factor for a country’s economic and societal well-being. Administrative capacity is increasingly recognised as a pre-requisite for delivering the EU’s treaty obligations and objectives, such as creating sustainable... Expand

#EUChatRegio: “How to improve administrative capacity of the actors involved in the management of ESIF?”

The tweet chat using #EUChatRegio will take place on Thursday 11th December 16:00-17:00 CET.

Inforegio-Newsroom: “The performance of Member States and regions on the implementation of Cohesion policy programmes is to a large extent influenced by the quality of the administrative capacity of... Expand

EPRC at the Open Days University Masterclass 2014

The EPRC postgraduate community were once again represented at the Open Days in Brussels, with EPRC student Alba Smeriglio winning a place to attend the prestigious EU Open Days University Master Class, which ran from 5-8 October 2014 in Brussels... Expand

Interactive workshop: A research agenda on administrative capacity-building for EU Cohesion policy

On Monday 6th June 2014, DG Regio hosted a workshop led by Hugh Goldsmith (Regio/E1 and EIB/PJ), Professor John Bachtler (Director at the European Policies Research Centre – EPRC) and Alba Smeriglio (Research Assistant and PhD at EPRC). The... Expand

EIB Research Scholarship on Administrative Capacity in Cohesion Policy

Professor John Bachtler of EPRC and colleagues Professor Robert Thomson and Dr Fabrizio de Francesco of the School of Government & Public Policy and Dr Karol Olejniczak (University of Warsaw) have been awarded a 300,000 Euro University Research Scholarship by the... Expand