Interactive workshop: A research agenda on administrative capacity-building for EU Cohesion policy

On Monday 6th June 2014, DG Regio hosted a workshop led by Hugh Goldsmith (Regio/E1 and EIB/PJ), Professor John Bachtler (Director at the European Policies Research Centre – EPRC) and Alba Smeriglio (Research Assistant and PhD at EPRC). The interactive workshop served to introduce the 3-year EIB University Research Sponsorship (EIBURS) “Administrative capacity-building and EU Cohesion policy” study, and represented a great opportunity for the research team to receive valuable feedback and suggestions from participants regarding the direction of the research.

Hugh Goldsmith kicked off the workshop by presenting an overview of the EIBURS programme before moving on to discuss the research topic. Key messages were that a central feature of the research would be its “operational usefulness”, which would be achieved by its progression alongside interventions to build capacity by Managing Authorities, European Commission and EIB, with a view to design better actions.

After introducing the EPRC and its two major research and knowledge exchange networks – namely IQ-Net and EoRPA – John Bachtler introduced the rationale for the study, research questions and methodology.

Alba Smeriglio presented the state of the art concerning the literature on administrative capacity-building and quality of government (QoG).

Finally, John concluded the presentation by discussing future challenges for administrative capacity in the 2014-20 programming period, priorities for the study and planned outcomes.

Contact: John Bachtler or Alba Smeriglio